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Cassandra Tondro Leaf Prints on Paper Tutorial

Introduction to Leaf Prints on Paper Tutorial


Discover the wonders of creating beautiful art using natural materials in this PDF tutorial available for immediate download.

Leaf prints are a fun project for both children and adults. They are the ultimate in eco-friendly art. No dyes, inks or paints are used -- just fallen leaves and paper. The colors and patterns of the leaves are transferred to the paper through steaming, and afterwards the leaves can be put into a compost pile.

This is an easy project that doesn’t require a lot of equipment or materials, and always produces interesting results. The illustrated tutorial takes you through the steaming method of creating leaf prints without the use of mordants step-by-step, and you will be creating your own art leaf prints in no time!

Equipment you will need: old pot, vegetable steaming basket, hot plate, a brick or heavy stone, gloves.

Materials you will need: paper, leaves, cardboard, string.

The leaf print process is a great vehicle for teaching children about respect for the environment, making art from materials found in nature, and the different types of plants.

Finished leaf prints make amazing framed art and gorgeous greeting cards, and can be used in other art projects as well.

You can see some of my leaf prints on the Leaf Prints page of my website.

Testimonials About the Tutorial:

For someone who dislikes written directions, I found yours clear and concise and cannot wait to get started. Isa Vogel, Martinsville, NJ

I tried!!! Amazing... Fascinating, I love it so much... And I will do more. Ghislana Poppelbaum, Heidesee, Germany

I found your tutorial to be extremely organized and informative. I had been collecting bits of info all over the Internet and was happy when I came across your tutorial. Everything I needed to get started, all in one place. I am totally enjoying the process and get excited to open each new batch to see the results! Jeri Bellini, Coopersburg, Pennsylvania

Thank you for your lovely written information. Margriet van Schaik, Haarlem, Netherlands

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