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Inspirational art
Created using repurposed, upcycled and natural materials

Welcome! Let me take a moment to introduce you to my work.

I create art that speaks about the beauty and angst of our times. Themes for my work include the wonders of the natural world and the issues we face as our planet goes through an enormous transformation.

Because of concerns about the environment, I use repurposed, upcycled and natural materials for my work, including leftover house paint, discarded magazines, rust, contact leaf prints, and natural pigments and dyes.

Enjoy the art on these pages, and feel free to contact me with questions or comments. I read every message and look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your interest in my work!

My art is an expression of spontaneity and joy -- a reflection of my interest in nature and ecology -- drawing on patterns and motifs found in plants, flowers, rocks and gems.


What People Are Saying

"Beautiful. Better than I imagined. Thank you for the added work. Love it." Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin, Sacramento, CA

"Your painting looks so stunning on my wall, I cannot believe it!!!" Ann Whitehead, Marysville, WA

"Home again and received your paintings. I have to say, they are even more extraordinary than hoped! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!" Connie Ekelund, Vancouver, BC

"I returned from vacation a few days ago and went to pick up the painting. I LOVE it! It's more beautiful in person than I even imagined." Oriana Fowler, Chicago, IL

"We received the painting and we absolutely love it. We hung it on the wall yesterday and it really 'makes' the room." Erica Hogan, Houston, TX


Join Me on This Artistic Journey