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How Art Heals

Healing is an inside job. We heal ourselves from the inside out. We take a pill and we think the pill is a cure, but it has been shown that a placebo often works as well as actual medicine. It's our belief in the medicine that heals us.

Because our mind is so powerful in determining our outcome, it's important to maintain high vibrational emotions and thoughts. Inspirational art is one tool in a wellness regime that can uplift and promote positive thoughts.

Research has shown that art in healthcare facilities can contribute to our health by reducing stress and anxiety, lowering blood pressure and reducing the need for pain medication. The healing effect of art extends to our home and workspace where art has been shown to increase productivity and feelings of well-being.

It is my pleasure and joy to create art that supports your physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to apply all of my knowledge, skills and talent to the creation of healing art.


Cassandra Tondro, "Joyful and Passionate," original art