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Cassandra Tondro, "Smoke and Mirrors," transformational fire painting

"Smoke and Mirrors," fire energy painting, 36" x 48"


Affirmation for this painting: I release the old and embrace the new.

This painting was inspired by the epic Thomas fire here in Ventura that burned hundreds of homes, blackened hillsides and destroyed millions of plants, animals and insects.

While trying to make sense of the fire, I created this painting to depict its powerful force and the strangely beautiful aftermath. The landscape turned into a monochromatic scene of ash and charcoal grays, but there were hints of color and life that remained.

The charred landscape inspired the color palette for this piece -- all shades of gray with some brilliant orange and mahogany red. The grays change with the light of the day, sometimes dark and brooding, and other times a shimmering silver.

Fire may take life, but it generates life as well. Old growth is burned away, making way for new growth. It's a transformative element for change.

Fire also has a cleansing and purifying effect. It transmutes toxic volatile substances, allowing them to be released into the air or water in less harmful forms.

The element of fire has tremendous power for forging will and determination. It represents our passions, compulsion, creativity and motivation. It's a source of energy within each of us that requires moderation, or we burn out.

A crystal imprinted with the hertz frequencies of the affirmation and fire energy is placed in a pocket on the back of the painting and radiates healing energy. You can learn more about this process here.

Fire is a transformative element. It burns away the old and makes way for the new. Fire in this painting symbolizes the power we possess to alter the landscape of our lives. Fire tempers us and gives us strength to survive.

  • 36" x 48" original painting
  • repurposed acrylic latex paint on canvas
  • imprinted quartz crystal and healing sigil in hand-crocheted heart pocket on the back
  • gallery wrap canvas, 1-1/2 inches deep with painted sides
  • signed by the artist on the back
  • ready to hang with or without a frame
  • shipping within the US and Canada is included in the price of the painting
  • contact me for an international shipping quote


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