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Cassandra Tondro, "Joyful and Passionate," healing painting

"Joyful and Passionate," a healing painting by artist Cassandra Tondro


I was inspired to create this second chakra painting by the Birds of Paradise in full bloom in my front yard. Their brilliant flowers set the tone for the color palette of this piece: bright oranges, deep blues, leaf green, turquoise and a smidge of red. The color for the second chakra is orange.

Use this painting to balance your second chakra energy. The second chakra is about friendliness, creativity, sexuality, and emotions. It governs your sense of self-worth, confidence in your own creativity, and your ability to relate to others.

Deficient energy in the second chakra shows up as a lack of self-worth, self-negating, overly sensitive, guilt, fear, resentful, distrustful and clinging.

Excessive energy in the second chakra expresses itself as aggression, ambition, manipulation, overindulgence, self-serving and an obsession with sex.

Second chakra imbalances can result in physical problems such as kidney weakness, allergies and a lack of energy.

The affirmation I chose for this piece is "I am joyful and passionate," and the painting reflects a joyful and passionate vibration.

I created a sigil (magical symbol) for the affirmation and used it along with the frequency of the second chakra, 606 Hertz, to encode a clear quartz crystal with these healing vibrations. You can learn more about this process here. The crystal and the sigil are placed in a hand-crocheted heart pocket on the back of the painting, and broadcast second chakra healing energies.

Abstract art is all about emotions. Take a moment to zoom in on the image of this painting and see what it makes you feel. Those feelings are the truth of this work of art for you.

  • 24" x 36" original painting
  • repurposed acrylic latex paint on canvas
  • encoded quartz crystal and healing sigil in hand-crocheted heart pocket on the back
  • gallery wrap canvas, 1-1/2 inches deep with painted sides
  • signed by the artist on the back
  • ready to hang with or without a frame
  • shipping within the US and Canada is included in the price of the painting
  • contact me for an international shipping quote

10% of the sales of original art is donated to environmental nonprofits doing valuable work. Find out more about these organizations on my Charitable Giving page.

Thank you for contributing to this important cause through your purchase of original art.

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