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What People Are Saying - Old


"I have been getting so many compliments on your painting! Just wanted you to know how admired it is, and how much joy it brings me. I think you are a genius." Sharie Lieberg, Oxnard, CA

"Your painting looks so stunning on my wall, I cannot believe it!!! And it's the perfect size for my condo living room. During the rainy winters here (45 minutes north of Seattle), I will still have spring in my living room. Thank you for painting such a wonderful picture." Ann Whitehead, Marysville, WA

"Home again and received your paintings. I have to say, they are even more extraordinary than hoped! What a fantastic method you have developed! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!" Connie Ekelund, Vancouver, BC

"I just returned from vacation a few days ago, and today I went to pick up the painting. I *LOVE* it! It's more beautiful in person than I even imagined. I can't wait to hang it, and look forward to years of enjoyment." Oriana Fowler, Chicago, IL

"I wanted to write and thank you for the painting. I was happy to discover that the colors and surface texture are even richer than they appeared in the photograph. I hung it in my living room, and was excited to see how it enlivened the tone of the room." Dave Vavrichek, New York, NY

"We received the painting and we absolutely love it. We actually hung it on the wall yesterday and it really 'makes' the room. Thank you so much - you were a pleasure to work with and I will certainly pass your name along to any friends that are in the market for original art!" Erica Hogan, Houston, TX

"Your painting is displayed on a wall in my office. The piece provides inspiration to all who enter, and helps enhance the ambiance and environment in which we do our work." Ali Noorani, Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, Boston, MA

"I have the privilege of having my desk in front of a wonderful piece of green art by Cassandra Tondro. I am constantly discussing it with our patients, especially the little ones, who enjoy telling me what they see. It is my window to the outside. Thank you very much for beautifying our daily workplace." Alma Medrano, Irma Colen Health Center, Mar Vista, CA

"Just a note to let you know that my painting commands a prominent place in my living room where it looks beautiful. I am so pleased. You are an inspiration!" Charlene Kase-Shaw, Valencia, CA

"I had to stop home just now, before leaving and I have to say there's a much more substantial quality to the paint than I expected! It's resting on the sofa's back, where it will hang. The surface emits just enough reflection to reveal topography but the activity of the palette remains clear. I love this arrested intermingling that appears to freeze a moment." David Krueger, New York, NY


"Contemporary abstract artist Cassandra Tondro has the spirit of the adventurer. Tondro embraces the nature of her chosen medium, letting the paint speak to her, with gorgeous results." Art Business News

"Tondro's combination of 'mis-mixed' colors appear to explode, resulting in forceful tensions that resemble those in nature. The work has energy and the paint appears to have taken on a life of its own." Art of the Four Corners

"Due to her mastery of the materials, Tondro makes painting look like child’s play, but she’s making educated decisions each step of the way about colour placement, the layering of colours, and the viscosity of the paints. Her paintings involve an expert eye for colour, knowledge about the properties of the paints, and control over the process." Good Life Connoisseur

"Tondro’s work reflects the elegance of her success. Her collection includes breathtaking paintings and diptychs." Envirothink

"Cassandra Tondro's abstract work is quite beautiful. She combines and applies paint onto canvas in unusual ways, mixing and concocting like a 'mad scientist.' She uses repurposed acrylic latex paint, also known as house paint, that she saves from reject shelves before it is sent to landfills." Design Milk

"True to her deep commitment to the environment, this talented artist is clearly making a statement while making an impact with her nature-inspired collection." Artfully Reimagined

"Abstract artist Cassandra Tondro has always had an interest in creating sustainable art, and her experimentation with eco-friendly materials has directly impacted the evolution of her work." Art Business News

"With its rich blues and green hues, Cassandra Tondro's 'Orchids 1' calls to mind the lush tropics. Tondro's dedication to green art is highlighted by the use of repurposed acrylic latex house paint." Hospitality Design

"Cassandra’s art is the art of listening. Watching her paintings makes me think: I am free to live, I am accepted, there’s no need for talking." Peony and Parakeet

"Mesmerized by this creative 'Cans to Canvas' technique I experienced at the Santa Monica Festival, I signed up for Ms. Tondro's newsletter. But that was not enough. As I perused her online gallery, I knew I wanted to support her mission, to purchase a piece, be a part of it. Within budget, I chose an 11" x 14" panel, in warm tones, which speaks to my inner artist. Such creativity with the otherwise discarded turned useful, beautiful, thought provoking is art and then some." Tess M., Yelp Elite Squad Reviewer


"I love Cassandra's work because of its beauty, vibrancy and the way it enhances the spaces I design and decorate. Plus, the fact that her abstract art is eco-friendly is very important to me personally and professionally. Best of all, working with Cassandra is always a delight and she is extremely responsive and a true team player." Rachel Winokur, Interior Designer, eTTa Designs, Los Angeles, CA

"I recently worked with Cassandra on a corporate commission and found the quality of her work to be beautiful and well crafted. She was very helpful and professional. She responded to my requests in a very timely manner and went above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction." Leilani Gagnaire, Art Consultant, Gagnaire Art Associates, Inc., Dallas, TX


"Can't tell you how impressed Caprice and I were yesterday watching you perform your special magic on canvas. Your current technique which grew out of several years of serious work is just beautiful to behold, the best yet. A real break-thru, raising the bar several levels." Allan Walker, Santa Monica, CA

"You were wonderful! You have such a lovely way about you, very much at ease and comfortable with your presentation. And the people there were most appreciative and completely enthralled with your work." Patricia Wedin, Malibu, CA

"It was a great event!! I really loved seeing you paint -- kind of an unforgettable experience! Your work is beautiful." Betty Green, Santa Monica, CA

"You were superb! You should add this admirable ability to demonstrate in such a sweet, interesting and friendly way to your list of assets and talents. You were a joy to watch and interacted perfectly, thoughtfully and fully with the audience when they talked to you or asked questions." Nanette Munro, Pacific Palisades, CA

"I really enjoyed your demonstration yesterday. Beautiful!!!!!" Joan Mills, Woodland Hills, CA