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The Healing Paintings

I'm an empath and an intuitive, and I use spirit guides to help me create my healing art.

Each painting begins with an idea about which chakra or disposition I'd like to work with. I sit in meditation and let my spirit guides fill in the details about the colors and design of the art. I often see something in nature that inspires the color palette.

After creating the painting and while it's drying, I work on the healing energies for the piece. I use clear quartz crystal to hold and broadcast these energies.

I select a crystal and clear it by placing it in sunlight for a day. Then I hold the crystal in meditation for an hour, sending it the vibration of love.

Cassandra Tondro, healing painting sigilWith the help of my spirit guides, I choose an affirmation for the painting, and design a sigil (magical symbol) that represents the affirmation. The sigil is created from the letters of the affirmation.

Cassandra Tondro art rife and radionicsUsing Rife and Radionics technologies, I transfer the healing frequencies for the chakra or disposition and the affirmation to the crystal.

Cassandra Tondro healing paintingThe crystal and the sigil are placed in a hand-crocheted heart pocket on the back of the painting, and broadcast the healing frequencies of the piece. They can also be removed from the pocket, and carried or held in meditation for contact healing.