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Hi Ruth!

Here are links to pages with my available work. From there you can get images and descriptions.

There's an overall description of the collection on the Collections page, and individual detailed descriptions of each product on the Product page.

Each item is one-of-a-kind, which makes it labor-intensive to put all of these products on a website. Feel free to pick and choose the ones you want.

Bio and Picture of Me

Fire Stone Necklaces

Not yet photographed!

Beach Rock Necklaces

Retail $45

Botanical Leaf Prints

8" x 10" print retail $65
11" x 14" print retail $95

Leaf Print Greeting Cards

Retail $6

Description: One-of-a-kind art cards created using fallen leaves pressed and steamed against the finest quality 100% cotton rag watercolor paper. The colors and patterns of the leaves transfer to the paper. No inks, dyes or paints are used -- just the colors from the leaves themselves.

Use either of these images, or both. I have lots of these available. Each one is unique, but it's not worth photographing them individually.

Leaf Print Silk Scarves

8" x 50" scarf retail $45
13" x 70" scarf retail $85

Leaf Print Necklaces

Retail $45

Small Inspirational Paintings

Retail $65

Expansive Paintings

Prices vary.

Grounding Paintings

Prices vary.

Transformational Paintings

Prices vary.

Small Gem Paintings

Mostly $225, but there's one at $325.

Let me know if you have any questions or need additional images or information. Thanks, Ruth!

With love and blessings,