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Alex's Story

I recently lost one of my cats. Rather than moping around the house and feeling morose (which I did plenty of, believe me!), I decided to create a series of small paintings to remember her, honor her spirit, and hopefully defray the cost of her medical care, which was substantial.

But first, let me tell you Alex's story.

Alex the cat remembering Alex painting seriesAlex was a young, lone feral cat when she showed up in my yard in the spring of 2004, looking for something to eat. I left food for her on the patio, and she would wait for me to go back inside before eating and then running away. It took two years before she would let me near her, and another year before she would let me touch her. In time she came to enjoy being pet, and couldn't get enough.

Alex the cat feralI named her Alex because from a distance I couldn't tell if she was a male or female cat. I figured Alex would cover either gender, and it seemed to suit her.

She was close to my other cats, and considered them to be her tribe. She also learned to trust me, and liked to do head butts while standing on the bed. It was her way of showing love.

Alex the feral cat on outdoor cushionIn the spring of 2012, Alex's ears became badly burned from the sun, causing her considerable pain. I took her to a vet to have her ear flaps trimmed, and she had to spend two weeks inside the house recovering in a large cage. After that she made the transition to being an indoor cat so she wouldn't acquire any more damage from the sun.

Alex was being treated for a urinary tract infection when she went downhill and suddenly died. Unfortunately her treatment required several trips to the emergency vet and hospitalization.

Alex the cat batting leaves

We had a special bond, and Alex's courage and ability to learn to trust were a big inspiration to me. I adored her, even though her feral behavior could sometimes be frustrating. I was lucky to have her in my life for twelve years, and she gave me much joy and love. Her passing has left a huge hole in my heart, and she is deeply missed.

In memory of Alex, I have created a series of thirteen small inspirational paintings. These paintings are done in Alex's colors, white with shades of gray, and are framed under glass.

Cassandra Tondro inspirational paintings

These inspirational original paintings make a beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one. They have an easel back, and can be displayed standing or hanging on a wall. Sales will help pay for Alex's extensive medical care.


Hug all of your furry loved ones for me and give thanks for their presence in your life. Each and every one of them is precious.