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Chaos and Comfort Series Story

Cassandra Tondro, "Grief 1," contemporary paintingIs it my imagination, or do things seem a little crazy these days? I'm sensing unease in the collective consciousness, and I see it manifesting in myself and others as heightened emotions.

So how do we deal with uncertain times? My method of maintaining sanity is to channel my feelings into my art. Art gives me an outlet for expression and helps me to feel more grounded. Maybe art can provide some comfort for you, too.

This series is titled "Chaos and Comfort," and the paintings are an exploration of feelings about the erratic state of the world.  

Cassandra Tondro, "Inner Circle," modern artThere's a lot of emotional material to work with right now. Reactions to the political climate in the United States run the gamut from fear to outrage to grief. We are in a transitional phase, and we don't yet know what the outcome will be. Every day brings new information and another wave of emotions.

I'm also in transition personally, after experiencing a series of losses and grief. I'm feeling a shift in my life, and I'm yearning to go deeper into my art and create more meaningful work. These paintings are more provocative and expressive than my previous work, and my hope is that they might resonate with you.